Banquet Hall

The Wherehouse

The Wherehouse is Great American Tent’s very own banquet hall available for parties and special events. It’s located at our main building outside of Gardendale, Alabama and is right off I-65, making it easy to access for anyone from the Birmingham area. The Wherehouse has been host to stage productions, wedding receptions, charity dinners, church functions, and tons of birthday parties!

Empty Hall

The entire room is a 30x55’ area which customers are free to decorate. In addition to the company’s normal parking lot we have an extra lot for overflow parking. We allow customers to bring in food, alcohol, even outside party equipment. If you want to use your own tables and chairs instead of ours, that’s fine by us. The Wherehouse is a no smoking facility and any smoking would need to be taken outside. A damage deposit is required for reservations. Beyond that, you can party to your heart’s content for as long as you choose to rent it.


Tables & Chairs

All our tables, chairs, linens and normal rental equipment is of course available for use in The Wherehouse at an additional cost. As since it’s a short walk to move them into the room, they are also rented at a reduced rate. See our price list for more information.



At an additional cost, The Wherehouse can offer a wide variety of dance lights, lasers, and even a mirror ball to really set the mood for a late night dance party. You can pick and choose what lights you want and we can even hang par or spot lights with enough prior notification. We also have scones and adjustable chandeliers for mood lighting that are included with at no cost with any rental of The Wherehouse.



The Wherehouse is also equipped with a 1080P projector which can create up to a 20’ screen. It’s been used for slide shows, movies, and even video games. And it can accept HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, or even old RCA cables. If it can plug into a modern TV, it can plug into our projector.

Sound System

Sound System

The Wherehouse also has a surround sound stereo system. If you want to save money on a DJ you can opt to rent it instead and just pick your own music. And our system offers Airplay, allowing you to wirelessly stream to it with Apple brand devices. You can also rent it with the projector at a discount and screen you favorite films or play your favorite games. Just make sure your system has wireless controllers.

And the Bathroom


A simple but vital amenity so important its included with any rental of The Wherehouse. Our spacious bathroom is handicap assessable and features full body mirrors so you can double check your outfit before returning to the party.

Types of Events

The Wherehouse has featured a wide variety of events since its inception.

Kid Party

From children’s birthdays.

Teenager Party

To graduation celebrations.

Adult Parties

To wedding anniversaries, The Wherehouse is ready to host any kind of party you would like to throw. And it doesn’t stop with parties either.


We’ve provided a venue for community theater productions.


For local organizations to host Christmas functions.


To even showcasing local musical talent. Whatever the cause or the occasion, The Wherehouse is ready for you. Check our price price list for more information and call us about availability. Also check out our Facebook page for information about upcoming events open to the public.