Tents, tables, chairs, linens, dance floors, stages, we got them all and more!

We carry a wide variety of rental equipment for almost any special occasion. From romantic moonlit weddings to tailgate parties, we’ve got you covered.

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Tent Rentals & Purchases

Pole Tent

Frame Tent

We offer a wide selection of tent designs. From traditional pole tents, to high peak tension structures. Also available are frame tents, which have no center poles and can be installed on concrete or even inside a building. We have sizes as small as 6 feet wide up to 100 feet wide. If you have the area, we have the tent for your event. Everything from weddings to birthday parties to ground breaking ceremonies. We can even install tents over a swimming pool or on a parking deck with proper prep time. And all our tents are Made in the USA by American Workers.

We also offer customers the option to purchase new tents directly from our manufacturers. As purchases are always ordered by request, a tent can be manufactured to almost any size and color the customer wants and can even directly shipped to their location once payment has been received. Great American Tent only deals in commercial grade tents, which means they can be quite expensive, but when cared for properly, then can last you for decades.

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Chair Rentals & Table Rentals



Tables and chairs a are a basic necessity for any kind of special event and naturally you’re going to want to get the ones just right for your celebration. Our simple vinyl folding chairs are sturdy, lightweight and durable. Vinyl chairs come in brown and white and are your best choice if you’re working on a budget. Our natural woods chairs are a perfect fit for any event with natural or earthy themes in the decor, and our white resin chairs are right at home at any traditional wedding. And if extravagance is the theme of your event, then gold ballroom chairs are definitely your chair of choice.

With tables you just need to find what best fits your event. Our rectangular banquet tables are simple and straight-forward. They come in 6’ and 8’ varieties, and work great for not only seating but for serving food. Round tables tend to be popular at more formal functions and come in sizes that accommodate four, six, eight, or even ten people! For more casual affairs without seating we offer cocktail tables, also known as belly bar tables, for when you just need a place to rest your drink while you stop for a chat.

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Linen Rentals & Purchases


We rent more than tents, tables, and chairs, we also have a wide variety of tablecloths are part of our linen rental service. As one of the only linen rental companies in the Birmingham, Alabama area, we pride ourselves on aiding customers’ table cloths needs. With advance notice we order custom colors for your event, and linen purchases can be made in any color, size, shape, or material.

Color chart shown represents 100% polyester fabric, purchased linens are also available in cotton, cotton/poly, lame and embroidered, and lace. Purchases are usually delivered within one week of payment and are also Made in the USA by American Workers.

Linen Colors

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Stages & Dance Floor Rentals


Dance Floor

We rent Bil-Jax modular staging for special events. Our stages come in 4’x4’ segments allowing us to make a variety of stage sizes and the legs can be adjusted from 2’ to 4’ feet high, or just inserted directly into the stage to allow it rest less than a foot off the ground. All stages also include plastic skirting to hide the legs, or linen skirting at an additional cost. Stairs are provided for stages more than two feet off the ground if needed at no additional cost.

Our dance floors come in 3’x3’ segments and, like our stages, can be used to create a variety of sizes. Our dance floors sit flat on the ground and require a fairly level surface to be used. If you really want to add some energy to your wedding reception, consider setting aside a space to put a dance floor in. They practically invite guests to have a good time.

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Lighting Rentals




Parties after dark aren’t as much fun if you can’t see anything, which is why we rent a variety of lighting fixtures for our tents. Everything from classy brass chandeliers to simple globe lights are available for your special night and we’ve got the tools to hang lights in pole or frames tents. All you need to ask is what type of lights go best with your event.

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Miscellaneous Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment

After being in business for over three decades, Great American Tent has picked up a lot little pieces of speciality equipment. Umbrellas, lattice paneling, prop columns, kneeling benches, candelabras, stanchions. We also carry a selection of fans and heaters to get the temperature manageable for your event. You can see a complete selection on our price list and feel free to call if you have any questions about any of them.

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