With over 35 years of history, Great American Tent has more than its fair share of stories to tell.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and so we’ve selected some choice pictures to showcase just a handful of the many events and celebrations Great American Tent as catered to over the years without the need of so many words. Pick a staring place below or just keep scrolling down to see everything.

No Job Too Big   Or Too Small   Any Occasion
Ball in Montgomery   A Winter Wonderland   A Summer Wedding

No Job Too Big

Big Jobs 1 This 60x120 Genesis pole tent was used for a dedication ceremony at Hunt Refining’s facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Like many of our larger tents, this one is expandable, allowing us to add or subtract middle sections to help find the perfect fit for our customers.

Big Jobs 2 In October 2015, Great American Tent ventured all the way Stevenson, Alabama to set-up this massive 80x130 twin peak pole tent for a Widow’s Creek legacy ceremony. Bobcat tractors had to be used to push the center poles into position before we could start brining in the tables and chairs.

Big Jobs 3 Putting up tents is often only half the job for Great American Tent. Tables, chairs, table linens, lighting, stages, were all needed before this event could be underway, and we were all too happy to provide them. If they had wanted to dance, we would have gladly laid out one of our dance floors as well.

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Or Too Small

Small Jobs 1 Great American Tent doesn’t just offer options for huge events, we also a wide variety of smaller tents for festivals, birthday parties, backyard get-togethers, and anything else where you need a little extra excitement in the air. And our Marquee expandable tents can be used to create elaborate tented walkways, or used in pieces to create numerous small single tents.

Small Jobs 2 Despite our name, you don’t have to rent tents at all to be a customer of Great American Tent. Our variety of tables, chairs, table linens, stages, lights, dance floors, and all of other equipment is available for any event. And even if you don’t meet our minimum for delivery, we offer the option for customers to pick-up equipment directly from our building in Gardendale, Alabama.

Small Jobs 3 Tents are versatile and so is Great American Tent. We’ve done everything from setting up a 100x440 pole tent for a major event to loading a dozen chairs into a customer’s car for Thanksgiving. We’ve have customers keep the same tents for months and others bring back their equipment later the same day. Whatever the occasion, we’re always happy to make people’s special days that much more special.

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Any Occasion

Any Occasion 1 Tents are a great fit for any special occasion. From romantic wedding receptions at night.

Any Occasion 2 To major organized celebrations open to the public.

Any Occasion 3 To to those times you just really feel the need to party. Whatever the occasion, we’re prepared to serve you.

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Ball in Montgomery

Ball in Montgomery 1 In the early 1990’s, we were tasked with setting up a party environment in a train depot for a Governor’s Ball in Montgomery, Alabama.

Ball in Montgomery 2 Thanks to the walls of the depot, were able to forego the use of quarter poles for this clear top tent and allow for even more floor space than usual.

Ball in Montgomery 3 The event was beautiful and featured a private performance from Tammy Wynette.

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A Winter Wonderland on New Year’s Eve

Winter Wonderland 1 In December of 2008, we had a customer wanting a tent and decorations for her daughter’s wedding, which she had planned on New Years’ Eve. She said she wanted a “Winter Wonderland” and we were happy to oblige her.

Winter Wonderland 2 To create the motif that had been requested, we installed blue spotlights on the frame of the tent before covering it with a lavish tent liner to really complete that “Winter Wonderland” feel.

Winter Wonderland 3 It was a tremendous effort to make this wonderland a reality, but one we were happy to put forth to create a special day the lucky bride and groom would not soon forget.

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A Summer Wedding

Summer 1 In May of 2015, the same customer who had hired us to make a winter wonderland for her daughter now wanted to do an outdoor summer wedding for her son. Having spent a tidy sum on a tent liner last time, she opted to host the event in an open grassy area this time to take advantage of our more affordable pole tents.

Summer 2 Instead of a tent liner, this time we had fabric pole drapes to really capture the eloquence needed for such an evening, and the brass chandeliers lit up the night in more ways than one.

Summer 3 The end result was another special night the young couple would not soon forget and another happy occasion Great American Tent was glad to help provide.

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